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Handmade brooches created by Sophie Isobel Designs.

One very fine summer's day when Sophie was eight, her aunt gave her some old curtains and a pair of scissors to keep her entertained for the afternoon. 
Ten minutes later her little sister was wearing a curtain ball gown complete with lace train. It was at that moment her inner seamstress was born.

With a Creative Arts degree, the blood of a tailor, artist and writer flowing through her veins and a fascination for the world of yesteryear, Sophie began her creative journey collecting, journaling and chasing beauty.

In 2008, Sophie's ideas and designs began to leap off the page and with the help of her sewing machine and typewriter the world of Sophie Isobel Designs was created. Her love for the literary world, the 1800s to the 1920s and her collection of vintage fabrics, buttons, tea cups and postcards inspire and are often incorporated into her unique artwork and accessories.

Sophie's handmade accessories are created to celebrate the beauty that inspires her world. Using new and pre-loved fabrics, buttons and scraps that many would simply discard, Sophie creates beautiful fabric brooches, each with their own quirky personality. Handmade in Sophie's cottage in country Victoria, her signature brooches are the perfect accessory to celebrate what you love.

Thank you for your support.


Email: sophieisobeldesigns(at)hotmail(dot)com